Special thanks to our newest “Station Owners”
and funding sources, the KXVS Members!

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Thank you to our KXVS GoFundMe Donors!

$100 – Anonymous Keep in touch… Keep it real and keep on keepin’ on
$10 – Tony Hawkins “Can’t be heard if you don’t make any noise. Hawkins Kemp Kwon Do Karate-Do was given an opportunity to be heard. I want others in Stockton to have the same opportunity for years to come.

$100 – Rick Rios Rios Body Shop LLC “Heres to a good cause, and to a good friend.

$20 – Betty Lupe Ramirez-Atkins “In support of something so awesome happening right here in Stockton! Our Community Radio for all Stocktonian’s, YES! It’s time Stockton gets their voice back! Won’t you support KXVS 92.1fm ‘The Voice of Stockton! Off the Miracle Mile in Stockton!

$10 – Jim DennisKeep the Faith

$15 – Mia Carmona

$25 – Mona MacrFor my very good friend Bill Story.

$27 – Roy Morales

$100 – Christina FugaziI loved the reporting, guests, and participation in all of the local community events by Stockton 360. The staff and radio shows truly informed and educated citizens from sports to culture to current events and even video gaming… So, let me put my money where my mouth is and show you my full support. I love you guys!!!!


Special thanks to our most recent Sponsors and Underwriters!



Thank you Habitat for Humanity of San Joaquin County ReStore for your support.


Thank you Leaders Urban Wear for your support.


Thank you Peace & Justice Network for your support.


Thank you San Joaquin Asparagus Festival for your support.


Thank you Stockton is Magnificent #SIM2016 for your support.


Thank you Downtown Stockton Alliance for your support.


Thank you Art Expressions of San Joaquin for your support.


Thank you Tender Donuts for your support.


Thank you Mountain Mike’s Pizza for your support.


Thank you Stockton 209 Cares for your support.


Thank you Purple Planet Music for your support.


Thank you TeknoAXE Music for your support.



Thank you Past Supporters of The Voice of Stockton


Thank you Wellness Forever for your support.


Thank you Pacific Avenue Bowl for your support.


Thank you Chuck’s Hamburgers for your support.


Thank you Wing Zone for your support.


Thank you Macaronage & Confections for your support.


Thank you Impact Insurance Services for your support.


Thank you Classic Marble & Granite for your support.

KWDC thanks Breadfruit Tree Restaurant

Thank you Breadfruit Tree Restaurant for your support.


Thank you Stockton Arts Commission for your support.



Benefactor Members
$1,000-$9,999 (“KXVS Founders”)
• William E. Story
• Catherine Mathis
• Art C. Menor
• Christina Fugazi

Grantor Members $500-$999
• Brad Hellwig

Patron Members $250-$499
• Eva McHenry
• Susan Arnett
• Susan Lenz
• Julie Dameron-Brown

Sustainer Members $100-$249
• Anthony Silva
• City Wide Towing
• Rick Rios Body Shop
• Roy Morales
• Kmer Ballet of Stockton / Chanra Hai’s Wellness Massage
• Christie Kelley
• Doug Boscacci
• David Perry-Molina
• Victor Gonzales
• Alyssa Gaspar
• Vicki Gaia
• Mia Kinch
• Fred Danielson & Sylvia Mayorga
• Laronna “Lady Rona” Frazier
• Blaine Bibb
• Jasmine Leek
• Finnegan’s Pub & Grill / Tony Manor

Ambassador Members $40-$99
• Mary Ann Cox-Martin
• Nate Knodt
• Rebeca Knodt
• Scott E. Adams Village Dental Care
• Doug Vigil
• Jim Dennis
• Bryan Hillyard
• Manuel Meza
• Norah Bennington
• Kari Khoury
• Katya Evanhoe
• Impalas CC
• Ana Garcia
• Jennifer Hall
• Cecilia Mendez
• Margie Fries
• Bob & Alice Eversole
• Maria Estrada
• Judith Buethe
• Carey Cox

Supporter Members $20-$39
• Don Maszewski
• Ryan Cooper
• Betty Ramirez
• Julio Martinez
• Roy Morales
• Mona Macr
• Zena Steti
• Alex Woods
• Vic Bernsdorff
• Sharece Atkins
• Donte Henry
• Ben Mendez
• Jim Chong
• JoAnna Wright
• Cindi Fargo
• Donita Whitaker
• Angie Montano
• Eugene Ibarra
• Corlonda “Felicia” Hayes
• Allison Boyd
• Joaquin Vasquez-Duran
• Laronna “Lady Rona” Frazier
• Angel Ibarra
• Renee Icasiano
• Julie Schardt
• Pat Spreer
• Norma Duque
• Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla
• Ava Simpson
• Amber Duggan
• Barbara Schwartz
• Janice Villanova
• Tribal Quest Records
• Jonathan Jacoby
• Ben Sanchez
• Joseph Crockett
• Ted Gonzales

Lifetime Members $500 (one-time)
• William E. Story
• Catherine Mathis
• Art C. Menor
• Brad Hellwig
• Christina Fugazi

Altruist Members $10,000-$49,999
• [Help us build our radio transmission tower.]

Legacy Members $50,000-$99,999
• [Help us pay our hardworking and dedicated staff.]

Estate Members $100,000-499,999
• [Help us fund our entire operations.]

Endowment Members $500,000+
• [Help us become sustainable for years to come.]


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