Upgrading KXVS The Voice of Stockton – with YOU!

Help Wanted Poster-webHere at KXVS The Voice of Stockton, we have been very busy making preparations to add broadcasting on the FM dial (“on the air”), to our multimedia capabilities. We have been building and planning and making the necessary adjustments, in programming, procedures, policies, and also in personnel.

We are happy to announce that this Fall 2017, Stockton, California will finally have an FM radio station dedicated to serve the community of Stockton, with the help and participation of many passionate and dedicated members of the community. That is nothing short of amazing, and very much needed. If you agree, there are a number of ways you can join the effort and support the cause.

We are looking for local content creators, producers, contributors, managers, collaborators, and more, to join our family. At KXVS, you will be able to take what skills you learned in classrooms and in training, and apply it in a real-world setting, or apply your real-world experience to help us develop and fulfill our mission of service. Your creativity will actually be encouraged, not stifled, and you will even have opportunity to develop your own brand. Where else can you find that in a media organization? It is true that these are not paid positions, not at first at least, but you will be building experience that will get you paid in your future endeavors with what you learn here and with your portfolio of works and experience you grow from your time here, and the connections that you make in service to our community.

We also invite those of you who are retired from, or are still active in fields with knowledge and experience that would help us on our mission of producing, providing access to, and broadcasting (and funding) locally relevant, community related, multimedia content for Stockton, California, and the surrounding region. We are seeking those of you who can dedicate some of your time to participate and help develop KXVS The Voice of Stockton into the valuable and dependable community resource, and distributor of local news, information, and entertainment that our community so desperately needs.

If you want to get involved, email us at Volunteer@TheVoiceofStockton.org, or call 209-467-4455.