We are a community station that was founded by radio professionals, retirees, instructors, students and alumni who wholeheartedly believe that local community content on local airwaves is a necessity for a healthy and thriving community. KXVS is called The Voice of Stockton, because we share local perspectives on local news, sports, arts, music, entertainment, and community information and resources to all in our community, from members of our community. We are a 501.c.3 nonprofit organization with the FCC permit to build an FM radio station and broadcast citywide on 92.1 FM.


KXVS “The Voice of Stockton” is a radio station like no other in our area. Our mission is to uplift and improve our community, focused on positive communication, involvement, inclusion, development, and sustainability.


We are currently broadcasting online at TheVoiceofStockton.org, reaching thousands of viewers and listeners each week, via Facebook Live, YouTube Livestream, and the Simple Radio app for smartphones and devices. Our listening audience grows each week, currently up by more than 2,000% from last year, and still growing, with over 100,000 people reached just on Facebook in the last month. No other outlets can provide citywide and worldwide coverage in such a timely and cost effective way that local nonprofits, organizations, institutions, businesses, and individuals can utilize to get their message distributed. We are making sure that our station can be sustained locally by being community produced and community funded. Programming on KXVS is community produced from a variety of sources, from media outlets, community members, and even youth and student groups. We proved that it was possible when we built Delta College’s radio station 3 years ago, and we are determined to build an FM radio station that delivers informative, educational, entertaining, and essential local programming, around the clock, from the most diverse perspectives that Stockton has ever seen in one place, providing local listeners with programming they can’t find anywhere else on the dial.