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We are broadcasting on the Simple Radio app and live streaming on YouTube. We are looking for volunteers, especially those with experience where we need it! Please join our team and help us become the best local radio station in Stockton, CA. Thanks for your support!

KXVS – “The Voice of Stockton” brings you local News, Sports, Arts, Humanities, Education, Health, Music, Entertainment, Events, and Resources!



3 thoughts on “Streaming Now

  1. A great and glorious way to usher in the New Year! Commemorating the first music airplay from Ray Newby (a Stocktonian) in 1909 by staging a New Year’s Day inaugural broadcast featuring music from the legendary tenor Enrico Caruso! Thanks to everyone for all of their hard work, the delicious food brought to the pot luck, and the hard work during holiday break by Prof. Wil Story, Gov. Don and Pete Tridish (travelling engineer extraordinaire!)


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